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Sample WordPress site

WordPress is a very powerful platform for your dating website community

WordPress is actually very popular for websites all around the world. 25% of ALL websites around the web use WordPress to manage and support their content. This means there are lots of information out there to help you understand and learn about WordPress to help you get comfortable using it.

WordPress Dating Site Software Templates  include robust features like:

  • · Customizable profiles and
  • · Custom fields,
  • · Billing and recurring payments,
  • · Member videos
  • · Flirting Features
  • · Online Chat
  • · Member Blogs
  • · Forums
  • · WordPress have thousands of available plugins, that allows many more features.

Sample WordPress site

BuddyPress has a range of features that helps build a Dating Website.

The basic installed system offers:

  • · Activity Streams
  • · User Profiles
  • · Options to add user profile fields and sections
  • · Avatar uploads
  • · Group Creation
  • · Group discussion forums
  • · Group logo and Wire
  • · Friend system
  • · Messaging
  • · Custom themes
  • · Blogs per user (via the WordPress engine)


the services and products listed below:
Sample WordPress site

  • · A turn-key internet dating website, adult dating website or social network site with an exclusive domain name
  • Replacing the main photo on the main page, select from the site and make your site original and unique
  • · Website accessibility from phones and mobile devices
  • · A unique website logo
  • 3 months free hosting
  • · 1 million elite profiles of real, active men and women + 20 000 Premium profiles. You choose which profiles you want for your website! Profiles grouped by gender, age, sexual orientation, country, state, marital status, ethnicity, and more
  • · Introduction to the best email marketing companies to help you with marketing campaigns with mass emails
  • · 30 days of free one-on-one technical support
  • · 1 hour free training & consultancy
  • · 1 hour free professional website content writer service
  • · We offer sales and marketing support for better conversion rates; pricing tips and help with customer payment options
  • · Our team will happily provide invaluable help, support and consultation for all your payment processing needs from your dating website members
  • · Mobile browser version of your website
  • Professional advice, life time support
  • · A full money back guarantee
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Sample WordPress site

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