Q- How to make my dating site successful with many active members?
A- Order from us and install to your dating site database a few million members and then after that, order our dating traffic. Visitors will contact installed members and those members that were installed will become active into your dating site.
Q: Where you got your profiles ?
A: Please read page – usdate.org/source 
Q: How many profiles upload in to dating site ?
A: We recommend having a minimum of 2 to 3 million member profiles in your Dating Website database at all times (page www.usdate.org/how). Because if users see you have many attractive profiles in your dating website they will try to contact your members. But to get contact information, they must become a paying member. If users do not see many attractive profiles in their preferences – (location, age, looking for, and many others) , they will never come back to your dating website. All of the world renewed online dating business leaders keep all of their active and inactive profiles for many years in their database just to show to all potential new members. Having a dating website with no many members will almost always turn away your new user.
Q: Selling profiles are legal ?
A: We sell 100% legal dating profiles as we have permission from the owners. Selling fake profiles is illegal because generated fake profiles use real people’s photos without their permission.
Q: Are all the USDATE dating profiles genuine and recent?
A: We guarantee that all the profiles are genuine and that the profiles were created and belong to real people actively dating today and looking for partners. If you place an order, you will also always receive the latest dating profiles 1-3 months old.
Q: Can I see some samples of profiles?
A: Come to our Samples page: http://www.usdate.org/view-profile-samples and we will show you a variety of samples. Please beware we are prohibited by law to show adult samples on our website. For information on how to receive adult profile samples, please email us.
Q: How can I integrate all the profiles on my dating site?
A: Please read www.usdate.org/services/install
Q: What format do the profiles come in, if I want to implement those profiles myself?
A: Our standard format is SQL and CSV, but should you require a different format, our technical department will be able to provide you with any of your requested formats.
Q: Do those profiles come with photographs?
A: Yes they do, and on our interactive ordering page, you can decide how many photographs per profile you wish to receive. http://www.usdate.org/select-dating-profiles/select
Q- some websites sell profiles with one photo each, is good to buy them ?
A – if each profile have only one photo then you can be sure that the profiles quality will be terrible.
Q: I have an industry standard dating website – SkaDate, can I upload all your profiles on that website?
A: Irrespective of what dating website you use, proprietary, industry standard, off the shelf or self-developed, the profiles that you buy from us can be uploaded to your dating website.
Q: I use Microsoft SQL Server instead of MySQL, is it possible to add profiles to my database?
A: Our technical team have experience in various databases and Microsoft SQL Server is one of those. So there will not be a problem implementing profiles.
Q: My website is written in ASP, will I be able to use your profiles.
A: Whether your website is written in Java + PHP, Ruby+PHP, Ruby + C++, ASP, Perl, Python, Basic or other does not make a difference. Our profiles will fit them.
Q: I am on a shared server plan, will my drive be large enough to hold 100,000 profiles?
A: When purchasing hundreds of thousands of profiles, it will be better to arrange for a dedicated server. Up to 100,000 profiles on a shared server should not be a problem.
Q: I am planning to run an adult dating website, can I buy profiles of singles looking for adult/sexual relationships?
A: We stock millions of adult profiles and we would be happy to assist you in finding the right ones for your adult website project.
Q: How long does it take to get dating profiles onto my site?
A: The normal time for installation is between 2 and 5 business days, depending on your setup.
Q: Can I charge the people whose profile I buy a membership fee and how much can I charge them?
A: Yes you can, when they come to your site and find a suitable partner they wish to contact, you can charge them a membership fee. In terms of the amount you can charge them, that is up to the rules of your site.
Q: If I added 1,000,000 new user profiles to my dating website, how would I make money?
A: You make your new users aware that they now have a profile on your website and of course they will come and have a look and start doing searches to see if you have any suitable partners on your site. As you have potential partners for them (law of averages applies), they want to get in contact with those potential partners and they pay you for membership to be able to do so. Every time you add more profiles, you will make more money.
Q: How will the owners of the new profiles that I buy from your company know that they are now on my website?
A: The profile owners are genuinely looking for partners, and in principle, it does not make any difference to them whose dating website those potential partners come from. As you have access to their email addresses, you go about sending out a mass email (we can provide suitable email text on request) to your new profile owners, telling them the good news that they now have another dating website to find partners on. Most, if not all people are curious by nature and they will come and check out your website. They may find interesting partners and want to contact those, in which case they will take out a paid membership. Their profiles will also attract an interest from others already on your dating website and those may wish to contact the new profile owners. The system always works both ways and your new clients will be happy to use your dating website and you will find that this is an excellent way to increase your revenue which you can repeat over and over by continuously adding more new users to your database. A recent client of ours (a one man business) who started buying new profiles from us is making close to $40,000 per month after 6 months.
Q: Is it legitimate to add purchased profiles of singles to my website?
A: It is absolutely and without any doubt legal. The source of our profiles is a global network of dating websites. The profiles are created by people looking for partners now. They have agreed on legally binding terms & conditions allowing their profiles and data to be shown on one or more other dating websites.
Q: How do I double the turnover and treble the revenue of my dating website?
A: Make sure that you have eight to ten times as many active users on your site as you have now.
Q: I have a proprietary dating website that was developed for me, how can I integrate those new profiles into my database?
A: We have technical staff who will assist you or even do it for you. We have not had a case where we have not succeeded in integration of new profiles.
Q: Where do all those millions of profiles come from?
A: The source of our profiles is a global network of dating websites who share profiles. The profiles are created by people looking for partners today. We also have a number of partners where we source our database. We frequently help dating website owners to change direction and we take over the existing client base. We also convert free dating websites into revenue earning organizations and we bring them into the network. (When dating websites go out of business (because they did not have our professional help to grow), we purchase the contents of their databases.) Q: How difficult would it be to take a new direction and offer dating services in a new or different niche area or location?
A: Not that difficult! More and more dating websites operate successfully in niche areas and so can you (example: there are enough transvestites in the USA, UK, EUROPE and beyond who are looking for partners and are willing to pay specialist dating sites high membership fees for finding them, to create US$ 500,000 in revenue per year)
Q: I have a free dating website, how can I make those on my website pay for membership?
A: You need to change the look and the name, upgrade the quality of your site, add a payment gateway and you may have to put up with losing up to 65% of your regular users. However, people are always prepared to pay to find a partner. It is an essential need for people to have access to one or more partners and they are prepared to pay for the privilege of using your website to find them. Issue a Press Release announcing your new direction and within 3 months new users will have arrived and people won’t even remember that the site was once free.
Q: How can I get the press interested in writing about my dating website?
A: There are many ways, one of them is to celebrate that you have been in business for a number of years and on the birthday of your dating website you give a discount or give some free membership. You can then email your users and members that you are going to be in the media, which will attract new potential partners, which will make them happy. You should send your resume as a specialist in dating and relationships to the written press, local and regional radio &television stations, media production companies etc. They will ask you for comments when there is a news item related to dating or relationships and you will always be allowed to mention your dating website.
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