Real Research on the Online Dating Industry

The Online Dating Industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Only six years ago the industry was expected to meet one billion dollars in total revenue by 2011 (see: “U.S. Online Dating Market to Reach $932 Million in 2011″ on Tekrati, February 12, 2007), and today it’s already bringing in over two billion dollars ( No one could have predicted that so much money would be poured into this industry! There are two reasons that the industry has grown so rapidly: one, people are and always will be looking for love; and two, running a dating website is extremely easy. It really is the perfect industry. You might be wondering about all the big name businesses and if you can compete with them. The answer is yes and no. You can never push them out of their top position, but people are always looking to meet someone online (, and once they grow tired of the larger sites and lose interest in the same members, they’ll start looking through the smaller, more personal businesses. That’s how you’ll find your customer base. Once they join your site, they’ll pay for the

ability to message other members. That’s how you’ll make money. But, to make money, you need experience – and that’s where we come in. At team we bring together two decades of experience in the industry as site owners and support specialists. We know the ins and outs of the industry, and we’ll give you the perfect start so you can make the money you deserve. With our services, you’ll have a unique domain name, a specialized name for your company, a professional logo and site layout, a strong page ranking on major search engines to attract customers to your site, various payment options for paying customers, and hundreds of thousands of real dating profiles with valid email addresses and photos. You can start making money on day one and be on your way business success! Ongoing relationships with our customers are primary to us at Dating Industry Support Services. Dating websites for sale are nothing without a strong relationship between support and site owners. It’s an unavoidable reality of running a website that technical issues will arise. You can get in touch with us at any time and we’ll get on the job immediately to bring your site back into business. Just read what a recent client of ours had to say of our services: I was anxious to start my own online dating business, but the staff at promised that I’d notice the immediate boosts in traffic and revenue. I took a leap, and you know what, they were right! They develop my site, designed logo, a site name, and helped me to get started with. And since they put thousands active dating profiles on there to begin with, I had members joining on day one. Now I’m making over US$9,000 a month! – Jose, Malaga, Spain