Dating Profiles Installation

NEW ! Free profiles installation when you buy 2 ml or more profiles

There are many Dating Scripts available on the market. The most common are Skadate, vldPersonals, eMeeting, Dating Pro and Dolphin. In addition, dating sites owners use osDate, ABK-Soft, phpFox, several Joomla plugins and many more. Our development team has successfully installed profiles on servers running any of those scripts. Although dating scripts have profile import capabilities, we tend to ignore those and upload profiles directly into the database and the server file structure order to undertake classifier matching. Most modern dating scripts allow you setup your profile fields. It is possible to add more genders, such as gay couples, relationships and marital status as well as add new fields. Many scripts allow plugins be installed that allow for different fields and values. Before we upload your profiles, we download your database structure on our production server and match classifiers. After matching, we start the conversion and get SQL dumps that need uploading into your database including archives of photos. As soon as the SQL has imported into your database and images/photographs placed into their respective folders, you can start browsing your new profiles.

Installation cost

Dating script / number of profiles

Installation cost

WordPress (any plugin), Skadate, eMeeting, vldPersonals, Dolphin, Dating Pro, DatingSoftware+, osDate, Chameleon,, Oxwall, AdvanDate, DatingSiteBuilder, SocialEngine, Premiumdatingscript, Codecanyon, Datingframework $40.00 USD checkout Dating $60.00 USD checkout
PhpFox, Other PHP/MySQL script $60.00 USD checkout
APP installing $80.00 USD checkout
1 ml profiles or more Ask for the invoice


We are not the cheapest (read: “you get what you pay for”) installers of dating profiles. Our charges start at US$40 for installing.  Now For Free when you buy 2 ml or more profiles ! We do not differentiate between installations into various PHP/MySQL dating scripts – the price is always the same. However, in order for us to successfully install profiles, we need server access (at least to control panel), enabling us to unpack tar or zip archives and to get access to PHP MyAdmin. For larger numbers of profiles (300k+), SSH access required. If you want us to install millions of profiles, we will need server root access. If you are unable to give us the necessary access, or your web hosting company settings won’t allow import of SQL dumps or unpack photos archives, we are able to avoid those problems by unpacking archives via crown jobs, by setting up web shells and/or by splitting SQL dumps into smaller parts. Under those circumstances, when we have to spend more time circumventing specific access limitations, we may need more payment, as it will take us much longer to complete the installation and to make sure that you’re dating website works efficiently and optimally so that you can create largest revenue from your newly acquired profiles.

What access do we need?

In order to install profiles, we need to have access to your site’s database and folders. What kind of access do we need, and how risky is it for you to give us that access? If you have a virtual server, you probably use a control panel to get access to your server such as cPanel, Plesk, ISPmanager or any custom panel by HostGator or other hosting company. An essential utility is the File Manager, necessary to unpack archives. Furthermore there are tools we need to get access to the MySQL database (usually phpMyAdmin). Giving control panel access to anyone is relatively safe, especially if you trust the professionalism of your supplying partner. In theory, the working of your site could be damaged because of unintentionally deleting important files or by dropping important database tables. It is therefore advisable to change your password as soon as possible after the installation been completed. Very importantly, DO NOT give access to a working website unless it been backed up. Because of growing numbers of profiles, installing those through a control panel became tedious, time-consuming and very laborious. Different settings of phpMyAdmin may not allow uploading large SQL dumps with or without multiple inserts. Some File Managers crash when there are too much files in a folder, or refuse to unpack large archives.