We have a revolutionary idea in the dating business, a brilliant idea on how to create a world-wide dating site, more popular than Tinder or eHarmony, a dating site of a new era. There are still no such sites in the world.

The idea is about member features, Implement in dating site new original feature , all dating sites users need this feature. We have IT company who can do it, they have software, only necessary add feature in the dating site, this will cost around 30 000 USD. We are small company and we don’t have forces and means for make this idea in to reality, we need a rich company as partner to implement this idea.

This new feature development will cost separate around $20 000 USD, new type dating website with implemented new feature around $10 000 USD. We will use technology that appeared only a few years ago

We are looking for a partner who can invest about 30 thousand dollars + Marketing and SEO. If you can’t or do not want, then maybe you know someone who can, so you can get a good profit as an intermediary, $1000 USD  commission if you find investor. Dating services is a $2.5 billion industry in the United States alone. Together we can make the best and the most lucrative dating website in the world