Optimize Your Online Dating Site Work Swiftly With Large Database


When you are installing a large number of profiles 300,000 or more, automatically the server does not
withstand the load and starting the issue of slow speeding (Due To the Large Number). Apart from that,
considering the issue as each profile has several photos, including an avatar, and each photo still
has several variants like different sizes, miniature, etc. All these factors depend on the script that
you choose. These are the main reasons that the website is working too slowly.


We are offering our services to improve with Standard Coding for a more correct one. Our experienced
experts will make a couple of effective strategies that can improve the speed of search on your
website, uploading as well as storing photos.


To optimize the search queries, we may change the settings of your system under conditions
(Concerning the person) which are beneficial for you and your server like cache extension and database
allocation more space for storing the results of often repeated requests.


To store and upload photos, we can change the structure of the photo choice. Standard in each
script all photos stored in one place. This will not lead to problems if the photos are 100, 200 or even
200 000, however if the number is more than the mentioned number and the setting, searching and
unloading from the same place, it can cause the system to show the entire contents of this folder every
time, which again delays the time execution of the request.


We are offering the service of “Multi-Folder System” for your website. Our system changes the storage
functionalities to several directories, assigns a place for storing a photo in the profile database for quick
access to it, and it can allow you to quickly save and loading the pictures.


All these factors can increase the speed of query execution with the number of profiles up to 18 million,
even on a simple server.


There are a couple of significant conditions you need to support carefully:
NO UPDATES: Any update of your system can overwrite the files we have made and return you to the
previous slow speeds OR completely break the website (standard scripts are not capable of withstanding
the full load).


DO NOT CHANGE THE CODE FILES INDEPENDENTLY: After completing the program, we will
give you the technical support as a guarantee of the work performed. Please, do not make any
changes by yourself anywhere in system, even if the open are confident in their actions.
During the optimization run, STOP ANY WORK of your site: Even a small change may incorrectly show
the general state of the website’s speed or lead to collapse. During the work, simply expect us to report
on complete optimization, and then you can check the quality of work.


Price $99.00 USD