Dating website owners make an average of $ 1.00 per month income per every one active member.

To successfully start a new dating website, how many dating profiles should you buy?

If the region is a small country, for example only a couple states, or a couple cities, then just 100,000 dating profiles will be needed.

For a large country just like the United States, Canada, or China, buying one to two million dating profiles is normal and will be needed.

If you want to start a world wide dating website, please note that three to five million profiles is needed.

The reason is because visitors that go to your dating website will search for gender, age, geographical location, country, state, and “looking for…”. If the number of profiles already on your website is not large, and after selecting fields (state, city, gender, country, age, looking for…) the user doesn’t see any profiles that are interesting, that person will likely never return to your site. Another reason is that part of the installed dating profiles can also become a member to enjoy your site. So, in conclusion, having more users for your dating website, is always an advantage. We are experts in updating SkaDate, WordPress, and other dating websites to make the website work fast with millions of profiles installed.


We’re installing a million profiles onto a local dating website in America.

User select location, and find that there are over 250 cities with over 100,000 population, 99% dating members looking for a partner 10-60 miles far off.
1,000,000 profiles divided by 250 – 4000 profiles
User select gender: 50/50 males/females – 4000 minus 50% = 2000
User select age: 2000 minus 70% = 600
User select: “looking for” 600 minus 70% – 180
User will see 180 profiles after selecting preference (state, city, country, looking for, gender, age, from one million profiles)

How many profiles visitor does it really like? 5%? 10%?

So the max amount of users will find about 9-18 profiles from a million dating profiles which he may like, and may try to contact those members.

We are experts in updating Skadate, wordpress, and other dating websites to make the website work fast with millions of profiles installed.