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Contact us and we will create a dating profiles package at your request, we have 40 million dating profiles from around the world

Purchase real European dating profiles databases from United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Russia and other European countries, averaging 2-4 months old, photos and active email address included. We offer a 30-50% discount on the purchase of more than one dating profile package. Our dating profiles are only sold 3 times before they are deleted from our database and replaced with new and updated profiles.

We can assist you with member data installation/integration on PHP/MYSQL based software such as eMeeting, ABK-Soft, vldPersonals, SkaDate, osDate, DatingPro, Dolphin and more. Price:$70.00


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EU1 287,000 787,000 20,1Gb United Kingdom male profiles $87.00 USD
EU2 156,000 433,000 10,7Gb United Kingdom female profiles $70.00 USD
EU3 443,000 1,220,000 30,8Gb United Kingdom male/female (incl. EU1+EU2) profiles $133.00 USD
EU4 159,000 321,000 10,4Gb German male profiles $87.00 USD
EU5 38,000 66,000 2Gb German female profiles $52.00 USD
EU6 197,000 387,000 12,4Gb German male/female (incl. EU4+EU5) profiles $105.00 USD
EU7 143,000 154,000 5,1Gb France male profiles $87.00 USD
EU8 33,000 34,000 1,1Gb France female profiles $52.00 USD
EU9 176,000 188,000 6,2Gb France male/female (incl. EU7+EU8) profiles $105.00 USD
EU10 102,000 309,000 9,7Gb Italy male profiles $70.00 USD
EU11 6,000 18,000 592,9Mb Italy female profiles $35.00 USD
EU12 108,000 327,000 10,2Gb Italy male/female (incl. EU11+EU12) profiles $87.00 USD
EU13 58,000 170,000 5,3Gb Spain male profiles $70.00 USD
EU14 46,000 134,000 4Gb Spain female profiles $52.00 USD
EU15 104,000 304,000 5,3Gb Spain male/female (incl. EU13+EU14) profiles $105.00 USD
EU16 76,000 110,000 4,4Gb Ukraine female profiles $52.00 USD
EU17 75,000 108,000 4,5Gb Russia female profiles $52.00 USD
EU18 29,000 48,000 1,6Gb Europe (other countries) male profiles $52.00 USD
EU19 5,000 7,000 219,7Mb Europe (other countries) female profiles $17.00 USD
EU20 34,000 55,000 1,8Gb Europe (other countries) male/female (incl. EU18+EU19) profiles $61.00 USD