About us

GENERAL DATING INDUSTRY SUPPORT SERVICES LLC  is a limited company registered in U.S., Delaware, city of Wilmington, County of New Castle with its registered office 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4981 Valley Cottage, NY 10989
We are a company founded and run by people who have been in business and particularly in the dating industry for many years. We hold old-fashioned but true values: we are known be trustworthy and to keep our promises.
We understand the dating business and the dating industry better than most and dealing with us means you can take advantage of all that knowledge and ability.
We built a successful business and a growing client base on those foundations and we prefer to deal with like-minded people.
If you want to do business with us, we expect you to also keep your promises and to work with us so your business can grow and create revenue in a market that is still growing and will do so for many years to come.
The online dating industry is growing rapidly, with millions of members joining this community daily. Why not get your
piece of this multi-billion dollar pie today? Start building your dream dating business easily with www.USDATE.ORG.
We develop dynamic dating websites using professional online dating software. Our system can help you join the profitable
side of this exploding industry as a business owner. All you need is a computer and internet access. We give you full,
lifetime support to help make your dating business a success.
Contact us today and take the first steps toward your own successful dating business. Our pricing structure is extremely
affordable, and available to anyone desiring to enter the dating world as a business owner.

Mission Statement

GENERAL DATING INDUSTRY SUPPORT SERVICES LLC is An Internationally Operating Company Committed to Building Long-Term Growth In Volume and Profit by Providing Services & Products of Superior Value To The Dating Industry Whose Proponents Trust USDate To Be Their Preferred Supplier And Partner Enabling Them To Grow their Businesses And Become Prominent Players In Their Industry In Terms Of Quality, Profitability And Market Share.